East Warren Rod & Gun Club

PO Box 12/Long Lane, Warren Rhode Island 02885

Club phone (401) 245-5763

Winter Skeet League 2011 12

Seven 50 TARGET SHOOTS - Plus a 100 TARGET Finale





Shoot Dates 10/23/11, 11/20/11, 12/04/11, 01/08/12, 1/22/12, 2/05/12, 2/26/12, 3/17/12&3/18/12 (Finale*)*You must shoot at least 250 targets to qualify for the Finale

 All shoots are non-registered but governed by NSSA rules and are open to all shooters. Registration will begin at 9 a.m. and close promptly at 12 p.m. Shooting begins at 9 a.m. Shooters must provide their own proof shells.


ENTRY FEE: 50 Tgt $21.00 ($7.00, Tgts, $8.00 Awards, $6.00 Food)

100 Tgt $32.00 ($14.00 Tgts, $12.00 Awards, $6.00 Food)

6 CLASSES: AA-E Class Events


OPTIONAL PURSES: Class Purse $4.00

Champion Purse $1.00, Returned 100% CH

2 Man Team (Class 1and 2) $4.00 Team,

5 Man Team (Open) $2.00 per shooter, Winner Take All


AWARDS: 50 Target Events- Each shooter is shooting for class purse

League Champion, League R/U, Class High Average, Class R/U High Avg. Class 3rd

100 Target Finale: League tie breaker and stand alone event. Finale CH and RU to be paid from League money, same as League CH and RU.

Payouts for Class Both the 50 target events and 100 Bird Finale will be paid out as follows:

and Optional Purses: 1-6 shooters in class, Winner take all.

7-15 shooters in class, Split 60/40% 1st and 2nd.

16 or more shooters in class, Split 50/30/20% 1st, 2nd, 3rd

League Champion: 8 % of 350 Target award purse (not eligible for class high average)

League R/U: 6 % of 350 Target award purse (not eligible for class high average)

Class High Average: 5 % to each of 6 classes

Class RU High Avg: 4 % to each of 6 classes

Class 3rd: 3 % to each of 6 classes

League CH and RU determined by best 300 targets

Class 1st, 2nd and 3rd determined by best 250 targets

Complete league rules are available at EWRG



**EWRG currently has the use of only 2 skeet fields, # 3&4. All shooters should arrive early and sign in before 12 noon. If you wish to shoot the league then you must sign in by 12 noon and be prepared to shoot when your squad is called.**

**Each shooter will shoot 25 targets on field 3 and 25 targets on field 4 for the 50 bird shoots. Each shooter will shoot 50 birds on field 3 and 50 birds on field 4 for the 100 bird Finale.**

**We allow use of #9 Shot ONLY. Shooters will be subject to random examination of shells upon request. So please be sure you are using #9 Shot only. Thank You! **



CHAIRMAN - JOHN (BEAVER) MELLO, Frank Crosson, Matt Joe, John Soares, John Dyson



Jacob Mello, Chris Bianco