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The purpose of this posting is to give the general membership some insight into the operations of the club.

(Check back often for periodic updates)

2013 EWRG BOD Members


5/6/14 - NEW

1. Youíre all aware that the Board of directors called a special meeting on 4/30/14. The purpose of the meeting was to ask for approval for the funding of 2 projects: 1. A roof over the deck, 2. An HVAC system for the club house. The first request was in response to the membership charging the board with the task of getting drawings and additional quotes prior to approval. Both tasks have been approved by the membership.

2. Regarding the above, you should be aware that the attendance for the meeting was fairly low. That sort of took me aback because the annual meetings are something of a free for all on steroids. That is as it should be because it is your chance to take part in the decision making process. You should be aware that roughly 1/3rd of the current club funds are being spent without your input. Democracy at work, folks.

3. Another facet of the 4/30 meeting is that we had a representative of the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition give us a quick overview of what they are doing on Capitol Hill to preserve our rights in the face of knee jerk legislation. Mr. Saccoio was well received, gave us a review of what is on their website, and outlined what is in process. I reiterate, that these folks have hired a lobbyist to keep us all informed on what is proposed at the local levels. Through the efforts of the membership and the approval of the board of directors we were able to provide RI 2nd with a donation of $1,104.00 to continue their work. I suggest that each of you review the website (RI2nd.org) and make a donation whenever you can afford a dollar or two. If you do nothing but read the first page of the website to make yourself aware of what challenges there are to your chosen sport youíll have done a lot. If you have the time to support a rally or two, more kudos to you.

4. OK, we have wrapped up a very successful season of winter league trap and skeet. The R/P folks have had a couple of shoots this past year and have promised there are more to come. Keep your eyes to the event calendar and your ears to the ground. Just a couple of highlights: A 4X50 skeet shoot, a blood drive, the summer skeet league, and the odd surf and turf or two are all things to look forward to.

5. The board reviewed the state of the club and considered what needs to be done around the club. Only 2 sizeable tasks came to mind. The clearing of the trap and skeet fields and the rebuild of the rifle pistol berms. In light of that there will be no volunteers day scheduled this spring. The berms have been contracted out and the fields will be cleared by volunteers on a day designated by the field captain.

6. Speaking of volunteers, the people that open and run the club on Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays are just that, volunteers. Some even open holidays. These folks are unpaid and are there for the love of the sport and the club. The fees you pay (the lowest in the land) do not entitle you to abuse them. To do so throws you into the category of being an undesirable member and undesirables will not be tolerated.

7. Due to ongoing infractions of the safety rules you know that the club has adopted a zero tolerance policy on safety violations. I regret to say that we have had to suspend one of our members for a 90 day period. As long as this type of behavior goes on you can expect further disciplinary actions. As members we are all charged with shooting responsibly. We do this to keep what we have, people.

That is all, Jim Heim


1. As part of a safety initiative the club has adopted a zero tolerance policy on both the skeet and trap fields as well as the rifle pistol range for rules violations. This is partly in response to ongoing infractions, but more to ensure the safety of the members and guests of EWRG. What this means is that a violation of the safety rules at EWRG will be investigated and the violator will be disciplined. Some of the ongoing infractions include: using shot size beyond that allowed on the fields, loading a gun prior to being on station , shooting at pistol plates with rifles, not using the warning beacon while going down range, standing at the firing line while someone is downrange, etc. Remember folks, all these things are for your safety. One accident is one too many.

2. The folks at the rifle pistol range recently held a fund raiser and shoot on the behalf of Chris Amaral and his family. The shoot was well attended, raised, a fistful of money, and everyone had a good time. A dinner was provided by the usual suspects, Russ and Chick, which was consumed with much gusto by the attendees. Tim Sylvester, our R/P Captain, tells me that another fund raiser for another member, Bob Donato, is not only in the works, but is now posted in the clubhouse and at the R/P range. Spend a little money, have a little fun, and help out a member who has been a big contributor to the club.

3. Ah, winter, bracing isnít it? If Iím braced up any more my pants waistline will be up around my nose. Enough whining, even though the winter seems to be relentless the leagues are winding down. The trap league folks had a make- up day this past weekend and the skeet fans have completed the scheduled 50 bird shoots for the 2013-2014 season. If Iím not mistaken the 100 bird skeet event is the 22nd and 23rd of this month. There has been great participation in both leagues and great support by members to run the leagues. Many thanks to all who have participated and those that contributed.

4. Yup. It is March. Somewhere around the 20th it becomes spring once we chip the ice and snow off. As noted earlier it has not been a mild winter and weíll have to assess what damage has been done, and what repairs have to be made. Once that has been done weíll begin the planning process of the Spring Volunteers day. Standby for bulletins and calls on that subject as the weekís progress.

5. The membership tasked the board of directors at the annual meeting to get drawings for the proposed deck that would pass muster with the town. The initial drawing were made but have been viewed as cost prohibitive. An alternate plan has been drawn and pricing is being pursued by Brian Remy. Whatever those costs come out to be will be subject to the approval of a special membership meeting sometime this spring. Another thing to watch the website for, folks.

Thatís about it, people. Donít poke me with a stick, Iím coming out of hibernation and feel a bit like Brer Badger.

Jim Heim


1. Sort of an update here to tell you about the annual meeting.

2. First thing is the Board of Directors. New Officers include Brian Remy for Member at Large, and Tim Sylvester for Rifle Pistol Captain. They replace Jeff Branco and Joe Burnett. Jeff, thanks for your many years of service and Joe, you were great to step into the breach when we needed you. Jeff, I trust there is no truth to the rumor that you aged out of office.

3. Funding item #1 was a request by the board to fund an electronic gate at the driveway. This is an attempt reduce the number of trespassers on the property and using our ranges without authorization. This item was passed. Bids will be refreshed in the spring.

4. Funding item # 2 was a request to increase funding to get the roof deck in place. It was brought to the attendeeís attention that an additional hoop for stamped architechtural drawings must be procured prior to an overhead structure being built. Tim Sylvester has agreed to chase down the drawing and $1,000.00 was authorized for same. Upon procurement funding for the project will be revisited.

5. Approval item # 3 was to approve the ban of for profit instruction at EWRG. After much discussion the voting item was modified to the ban of for profit instruction at EWRG unless invited by the officers of theclub. This resolution was passed.

6. Approval item #4 This item was to test the idea of having as a requirement of membership, the additional membership in a shooting sports organization. This was to be initiated in 2015. This item was almost unanimously defeated.

7. Lastly, a little damage control on the schedule, the next winter skeet League will be January 19th instead of the posted date of January 26th.

That about sums up the meeting folks; without being diluted by BS.

Jim Heim


1. Alright, we had a new year waltz right in and we had the annual Bloody Mary Shoot. There was lower than usual attendance with only a few skeet squads and one trap squad. Thatís OK, we had some good grazing and BSing afterwards. Must have been a bad Christmas because it didnít look like many people got guns in their stockings. Either that or it was a guns and bottles kind of thing.

2. OK, just so you hear it here: Next Wednesday January 8th is the annual meeting. Itís a glorious thing to attend where such highlights as the reports of committees, the report s of the treasurers, the request for large budget items, and the election of officers to the board of directors.

3. First thing about item 2; Last yearís elections were an example of systemic voter manipulation that can only happen in RI or NJ and it is bullshit. If I see or hear of one dummy sitting in front of me with a card, slip of paper, of officers who they are being directed to vote for Iím going to have the Sargent of arms escort them out to the parking lot. If I hear or see one officer of the club taking part in the same Iím going to ask the board to discipline them. Iíd prefer it if they just resigned. Címon people, itís your club, it is your vote. Use the brains you were born with and make a decision based on who YOU think will serve the club best.

4. Second thing about item 2; Iíve had complaints that people have not received their annual notices. There are a few reasons for that 1: you change your email address without telling the membership secretary and the VP and the data base is corrupted. 2. You move and donít inform the same folkís, again the data base gets corrupted. 3. It is a busy time of year and the notice is a one page letter that probably goes out with the wrapping paper. 4. Same thing with the electronic version; I know because I canned mine cleaning out my mail box. Get over it, people, it is every January, just like your DUES and every effort is made to get the info out. Come to the club occasionally, read the stuff on the boards, get involved.

5. Third thing about item 2; if you look on the club bulletin board in the main clubhouse youíll see the notice of open offices. There are a couple of new names up there and I want to thank those people for throwing their hats in the ring whether they win lose or draw. The people on the board and the people trying to jump into the fray deserve more than my thanks; they deserve yours, too.

6. OK, on a calmer and sadder note we are going to have a fund raising dinner at the club for one of our members who is ill. Stand by for notifications on that or swing by the clubhouse and take a look at the nice stocking stuffer being raffled off. As of this writing a date has not been determined so keep your eyes peeled and ears opened.

7. This weekend there is a winter league skeet shoot on Sunday the 5th. I bring this up only because I have been informed by the Field Captain that we have a conflict on a skeet shoot scheduled for the 26th of January that landed on top of a trap shoot. The trap people are having a very successful season and there is some question whether or not we could handle the numbers involved. In light of that the skeet shoot scheduled for January 26th is being pulled in to the prior weekend, January 18th.

8. OK, from a rifle pistol point of view a smoothbore shoot hosted by Tim Sylvester and an endless cadre of people, took place and they had wonderful attendance. More importantly there was a list of winners seldom heard from. Sergei Sharenko took first place followed by the walk in second of Dave Gardner. Jeff Peters pulled in third. Just as important the event was extremely well run, according to my sources, and good fun. There is another success story to this in the fact that another R/P shoot is in the planning stages as we speak.

9. Storms a coming. Thursday and Friday we are supposed to get anywhere from 6-12 inches of that nasty cold stuff. Normally I help the field Captain prepare the fields by snow blowing the mothers. Anyone that can help clear the fields should get in touch with Tony Santos.

That is all for the nonce.

Jim Heim


1. The winter skeet league was kicked off with great attendance hosting about 76 shooters. The same sort of deal happened with the winter trap league with about 25 shooters. Whatís up with that, global warming, your US President at work, or are we just having a good time here?

2. As mentioned previously, we have had several trespassers who Chic, Leo and, myself have had leave the property. With that in mind I am going to go forward to the board with the idea of enhancing the property security. The process of getting quotes for a card operated gate has begun and I am awaiting one more to be returned before calling a general meeting for funding. Another funding issue is the proposed roof over the deck. To date we have not had a volunteer to honcho the project from soup to nuts. To get on with it I have had a contractor give us a quote. The quote exceeds the budget, so that too, will have to be addressed.

3. Youíll notice that there are several no trespassing signs on and around the R/P range. This is in an attempt to stop non- members and non- qualified members from shooting on the property. These intruders are cheating you and are putting the club at risk. As the signs announce, trespassers will be prosecuted. Weíre going to take a pretty hard line here, so be advised. Yeah yeah, this is kind of an extension of item 2.

4. A free standing fire pit and patio has been built betwixt the deck and the pine tree. The board funded the construction and Tim Sylvester took on the role to drive this volunteer effort to fruition. Dave Balasco did the mental and physical part assisted by a lot of people who drank beer and threw dirt around. Odd, there were no mud pies. Still and all, the end result is a thing of beauty and no one has fallen in keeping injuries to a minimum.

5. OK, from a rifle pistol point of view a smoothbore shoot is scheduled for this month and I understand itís a cash thing, so stand by for some casino action and read the flyers at the club. Take part, make some money, have an adoring public, have some fun with guns!

6. On a more social note, the board was asked for a scheduled private company shoot for Arnold Lumber. That took place to great response. Fun was had, targets were thrown, and a ton of ammunition was sold. Yay for the event! Many thanks to the volunteers who did the big assist in getting this done.

7. Have you noticed that Christmas carols are already on the radio and the department store audio systems? Did you notice that Halloween is already a blink gone by? Thatís the cash pedal being pushed to the floor and itís a sad thing. However, there is a silver lining, The Probertís and friends are driving pot luck onto the social calendar for the 14th of December. No big thing, bring something yummy, brush your teeth, put on the deodorant, tie your shoes and come to the club. Iím scanning the byways for road kill already. Me, Iím eating other peopleís stuff.

8. Lastly, I have had rumor of a storm coming this week. The bad kind, rain, wind, sleet, possibly snow. Now I know why they call these things depressions. Iíll be the guy dragging his gun by the muzzle through the mud. Anybody know anything about shoots at Club Med?

9. OK, thatís enough, get on with your lives.

Jim Heim


1. The summer skeet league has wound down and there was another great prime rib dinner consumed by the shooters. Chic and Russ keep raising the bar with this kind of thing. I think a winter league cook off might be a good thing to try.

2. Leo and I have been doing a bunch of small caliber shooting down at the rifle/pistol range lately and Iím discouraged to say that it remains the place of rules violations. Considering the tussle the Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition went through this past year I am astounded. All these rules are in place as safety standards. These rules protect you, the club and the public. With safety in mind a Zero Tolerance Policy has been drafted. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and a similar policy is being drafted for the skeet and trap fields as well. More importantly, we have several trespassers who Chic, Leo and, myself have had leave the property. With that in mind I am going to go forward to the board with the idea of enhancing the property security. More on that in the immediate future.

3. I discussed the option of having a fall clean- up day at the last board meeting. After taking a mental inventory of the tasks to be done it was decided that the facility is in good enough order that we could wait until spring. Say ďYayĒ to the board, folks.

4. I want to take a moment here to thank Ken Duckworth for his efforts over the past few years. Due to health issues Ken informed the board of directors that he felt he would not be able to give his normal good service as the Captain of the Rifle Pistol Range. We have accepted his resignation and have voted in Joe Burnett to finish out his term of office. Many thanks to both these guys and we wish Ken well with whatever comes along.

5. Youíll notice that there are several no trespassing signs on and around the R/P range. This is in an attempt to stop non- members and non- qualified members from shooting on the property. These intruders are cheating you and are putting the club at risk. As the signs announce, trespassers will be prosecuted. Weíre going to take a pretty hard line here, so be advised. Yeah yeah, this is kind of an extension of item 2.

6. A free standing fire pit and patio will be built betwixt the deck and the pine tree. The board has funded the construction and Tim Sylvester has taken on role to drive this volunteer effort to fruition. You want to lend a hand, leave a note for Tim at the bar. By the by, this is well under way with Dave Balasco at the technical reins. Various ditch diggers have proven they wouldnít be worth a damn when it comes to making crop circles. Still, they deserve your thanks.

7. Winter skeet and trap leagues will be starting up before you know it. Gas and oil bills coincide with this and personally, I much prefer the leagues. Come learn a little about more formal shooting, etiquette, have a good meal with your peers. The winter skeet league schedule has been drafted and will be posted shortly.

8. Speaking of Leagues, these exist due to the efforts of volunteers. Beaver has driven the skeet league for years with the assistance of Chris Bianco, the field captain and myself. Due to other commitments neither, Chris or I will be available. Me, I just hoop and open the fields with Beaver. In short, a warm living body is needed here each and every skeet league morning around 8:00 AM. Step up if you can fill the breach. On a more urgent note Chris did the intellectual part by helping Beaver manage the shoot and more importantly managing the best ingredient, the payouts. The leagues are a profit maker for us, folks; bear a hand if you can.

9. From a rifle pistol point of view the bones of proposals are being reviewed with the board and the R/P Captain. These will be money shoots so stand by to add to your wallets and collect a few honors. Bragging rights are always good, too. That is all, done with engines.

Jim Heim


1. Volunteerís day took place as planned on June 1st. To give credit where it is deserved Iíd first like to thank Joe Burnett and Dave Gardner who planned and hosted the event. They communicated to the majority of the membership and there was a pretty good turnout. All the planned tasks were completed as were some that arose on the same day. To the 50 or so people that took the time, spent the energy, and officially turned the place on for 2013, well, you did one hell of a job. To complete the day we burned some beef and beef byproducts, had some cold ones, and experienced the heat of summer. Dehydration at its finest. All of you that took part have the thanks of the BOD and me.

2. Damn, another first. EWRG had its first blood drive on June 7th. The good folks from the Rhode Island Blood Center wheeled their van onto campus and collected 25 pints. I see it as proof that blood can be sucked from a stone. Iím told that the blood and the fractions they will take from it will assist 78 people. Where else can you go, get poked, have cookies, juice and pizza, and get a return of 3 to 1? The success of this event was such that another is planned for 2014. All to the good. I will say Iím still having night terrors from getting horizontal with so many ugly guys in the same room.

3. Why did we have a blood drive? This was an effort to assist one of the past members of the club, Wayne Mays. Unfortunately, Wayne died shortly thereafter. Iím not going to dwell on the hows and whys because enough has been said about that. I have told the BOD the man was an icon to shooting sports, skeet in particular. I want to change that sentiment, however, from past tense to present. Anyone that took a lesson from him, shot with him, had dinner with him, learned a lot about humor, about safety, and about field etiquette. Those are our take aways, friends, from a life well lived. Practice any of those and the legend lives on. Hence, present and future tense.

4. Hereís one of those, ďYeah, that was yesterday, so what have you done for me todayĒ, things? Yay the kitchen is complete, and yes it will be put to the test this coming weekend with a surf and turf dinner. Iím told it is a sellout, so eat well my friends.

5. Once again we got clays in, moved them into the houses and the container. It was done in the usual adroit manner. Adroit, two syllables, Tony. Saw a couple of new faces there, saw the field creased by a Bud Light Blue truck and witnessed a young man learn about 4 wheel drive. As entertaining as all that was, unloading targets is a lot like loaves and fish; it seems endless without the nutrition. If you see the pretty hand written notice on the board about targets, lend a hand.

6. Over the past several months I have asked you to contribute to fund the 2nd Amendment Coalition. In my opinion this has been monies well spent. I have received notice from the Coalition that the more draconian measures proposed to curtail your 2nd Amendment rights have been stymied. I am further of the opinion, despite the jubilation, that this will be an ongoing process. Keep in touch with these people by reading the website ri2nd.org, thank them for their efforts. You are the ones that benefitted.

7. There are always chores to be done at the club. Plates to be painted, trash to be toted, and the ill-mannered to be dealt with. Letís make it easier on everyone folks, donít leave bottles under the trees, donít leave ammo boxes on the fields, and when you see someone getting out of hand help the bartenders by tamping down the flames. Weíre here to enjoy ourselves, leave the slop jars and egos at home please. Iíd use Leo speak to address this but I donít think that sort of language should be on the internet.

8. Speaking of Leo, heís done a pretty good job of getting volunteer bartenders for the last two months. Shortly, Iíll be reassigning that duty. If youíre certified, if you know your way around a bottle cap, please walk in and take a day, donít wait to be asked. It saves a lot of energy and phone bills.

Jim Heim


1. Here we are turning the corner into June and we have a few things under the belt already. A. The kitchen is all but done. B. Summer Skeet League has officially kicked off. C. Volunteers day has been scheduled for June 1st, and D. we need a volunteer project leader.

2. Russ Wallis was good enough to more or less lead the kitchen project and that has painfully wound down to a close. I say painfully because we had one less than stellar performing contractor and a handful of pretty good ones. 3 out of 4 ainít bad I guess. More importantly, we have a beautiful kitchen as a result. So, let me segue into the next item.

3. We need a volunteer to do as well as Russ did on the kitchen. The project is the board and member approved roof over the deck. So we need a leader to drive it home, someone that will drive it from start to finish. We have the funds, we have the time of a contractor, we need a volunteer that takes from drawing to fruition. Without this individual it is very likely that the project will die on the vine and be put off to 2014. So, throw your hat in the ring and take a little ownership in your club.

4. OK, we wake the club up each year with a volunteers day and this yearís is scheduled for June 1st. Sign up, assist in a task, and letís get the damn place in order for the season. Tasks lists have been established and forms are at the bar and pistol house to get er done. Joe Burnett, and Dave Gardner have stepped up to honcho this spring event so lend a hand. By the by and as reiteration of a known; the club will be closed June 1st until all tasks are completed. A sample of chores include: Site cleanup, painting the pistol house floor, weed whacking, painting the new field 4 fence, cleaning and loading house, etc. A burger and dog lunch will be provided. The quicker we get the tasks done the sooner we reopen.

5. I have mentioned the club is asking for your support (financially) with matching funds paid by the club to fund the 2nd Amendment Coalition. You can further support the cause by attending info seminars and rallies as individuals. Take a gander at their web site ri2nd.org. See the issues and do something good for the sport.

6. In reference to item 5, let me tell you I remain disappointed in the membershipís support of the 2Nd Amendment Coalition. To date the club has funded about $700.00 out of the treasuries without member contributions. From the membership we have collected about another $700 with about half of that stemming from a 50/50 raffle. Fellow members, if you havenít attended a rally, emailed a representative, written to your local pols, I suggest you buy a lot of stamps and be ready to mail your firearms in. You are being challenged as law abiding citizens and as Rhode Islanders may shortly become criminals.

7. Too much to do and too little time to do it in. Letís call this one a wrap.

Thatís all folks.

Jim Heim


1. As I have mentioned the club is asking for your support (financially) with matching funds paid by the club to fund the 2nd Amendment Coalition. You can further support the cause by attending info seminars and rallies as individuals. For instance there is a seminar at the FOP Middletown Lodge on 4/11 on 464 Mitchells Lane at 7:00 PM. The subject of the seminar using social media in preserving your 2nd Amendment rights.

2. In reference to item 1, let me tell you how disappointed I am in the membership in itís support of the 2Nd Amendment Coalition. To date the club has funded $500.00 out of the treasuries without member contributions. From the membership we have collected about another $250.00. The club will match this and fund another $500.00 next week. People, if you havenít read the papers lately at least watch the news. The very sport that you enjoy is under attack. So all you folks that come to meetings and bitch about what the club is not doing for you I suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror and dig deep into your pockets. This is not an issue that is going to go away. In light of events at URI where the campus was under lockdown based upon the perceived threat of a gunman on campus, youíd best be prepared for a whole new round of gun control proposals. Címon folks, we have close to 500 members. Our donations from the membership should be in the area of several thousand dollars.

3. On a calmer note youíll notice that the kitchen renovation has begun. Leo and his crew of Adrian, Russ, Ed and I gutted the kitchen over 2 days. Our contractors have made great strides in re building, the wiring is being upgraded and so on and so on. I beg you not to jump in the kitchen and pester these folks. They are under a strict timeline and budgetary constraint. Interruptions and rubbernecking just add to the bottom line.

4. Next, we have had and are having a long and deep winter. Weíve had a bunch of wind and there is a lot of damage to the property. Despite the turnout of the last volunteerís day, which was dismal at best, I have been urged to continue the tradition. Joe Burnett and Dave Gardner have volunteered to move this along and Iíll be calling on and push on this rope. Stand by for this and get your working gear on and donít forget, the club will be closed on the date they choose.

5. Sales for the upcoming pig roast have been less than stellar. Do keep in mind that most of the events we run consist of two parts; 1 is to have a good feed and fun with the friends you shoot with, the second is to raise funds for the club. Itís a chance to support the place, your sport and spend some quality time with your friends.

Thatís all folks.

Jim Heim


1. OK, hereís the second one out of the box for 2013. Not to worry, only 10 more to go. Once again we have come that time of year where your dues are past due. Over the last several years we have been reeling in the delinquencies but they still happen. Too many people still come to the club and say they never got a mailing. When queried if they received their annual meeting notice the reply is generally in the affirmative. If you received your annual meeting notice you received you dues notice. If you tossed it out because you donít attend the meetings, shame on you for both counts. This does not mean we do not address hardship cases. If you feel there have been extenuating circumstances come to me and I will consider them on a case by case basis with the membership secretary. Sure, there are hardship cases but itís not like the dues havenít been due by the 31st of January for like, forever.

2. Iíve had a fairly good response to the request for new bartenders and I want you to know that we will be scheduling a TIPS class in early April. Iíll try to reach each one of you new folks personally, but do look at the website as well because it will be posted there.

3. Something that affects all members of the club is the recent spate of hysteria regarding gun control. This is largely in response to the murders committed a little too close to home. With some justification there has been a knee jerk reaction in sponsoring bills that one could consider punitive to the law abiding. As a concerned member I attended a meeting hosted by Highland Rod and Gun Club earlier this month. This clubís members have taken it upon themselves to create a group called Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition. This group is taking an alternative to grass roots protest, and has hired a lobbyist in an effort to preserve Second Amendment rights. After thinking upon this, and having discussion with the board of directors, and coming to the conclusion that this is one way to possibly avoid some of the emotional rhetoric that polarizes the issues. As President I have recommended to the board that we support this group. Having done so, the board has approved a donation and the continued support through soliciting the members of EWRG to donate to RI Second Amendment Coalition. The General Treasurer has provided me with an initial contribution. Your solicited donations to support these people will further be matched by the club treasuries. Further, we will have a series of fund raising events throughout the year. This is important folks to support what you have, and the sport you cherish.

4. Ric Probert has asked us begin posting some dates for registered skeet shoots for the upcoming summer season. The board has approved two shoots. The first shoot will be May 11th and will be a 4X50 event. This format was well accepted last year and I thank Ric for pursuing it again. If you are considering registered shooting this is a great venue to start with. The second shoot will be September 1st and will be a doubles event. These shoots will complement the State Shoot and the Wallum Lake events.

5. OK, the winter leagues are rolling to a close. There are two trap shoots left with possible a make up to be scheduled. The last skeet shoot for the season will be the weekend of St. Patrickís Day. As you likely know, this will be the 100 bird finale. The importance of that is not just the fun, but it also heralds the approach of spring. As we close out the Winter Skeet League we are also closing the kitchen and beginning tear out in preparation of refurbishment. So, what does that mean? In short the kitchen will be closed from March 18th through the end of April. If it can be done faster, so be it.

6. Russ Wallis, and Tony Santos tell me that they are willing once again to hold a summer skeet league. I am hoping all shooters support the league because it is a good fun and laid back way to approach competitive shooting. Perhaps there is a member out there that would like to promote a summer trap league? Come to the board with a plan and your dedication and weíll approve it.

7. Ugh, because Iím the Chief POM (you can ask Leo about the acronym) I have to bring up the unpleasant. Once again the house people have come to me about stolen equipment out of the kitchen. This time it is some stainless mixing bowls. Over the last few years there has been a litany of things stolen from the club, a toaster, soup kettles, toilet supplies, carving knives, even two freaking toilet plungers. Give me an effen break, people. Tonight I learned that a bucket of brass was taken. With the upgrade of the kitchen there will be locks on all the cabinets. The new refrigerator is also lockable. There will be no lending without a signed log in and log out through the House Captain. This is your club people, steal from it and it no longer will be. We have a very healthy application list and I will not tolerate a thief.

Jim Heim


1. OK, hereís the first one out of the box for 2013. Not to worry, only 11 more to go. Last evening we had elections and there was a fair amount of turnover. The election results will be posted in the clubhouse and in the pistol house over the next several weeks but in short here we are: President (you have to suffer with me for a bit longer.) Vice President Marc Tetreault. Recording Secretary Sonia Frias. Membership and General Treasurer we now have Phil Lapointe. House Treasurer Matt Joe. Field Treasurer John Achilli. Field Captain Tony Santos, House Captain the venerable Chic Lake. R&P Captain is Ken Duckworth. Directors at Large Jeff Branco, Leo Jodoin, Brett Keighley, John Dyson, and John Valenti.

2. Iíd like to take this time to give special thanks to those have served the board well for several terms: Chris Bianco, Chris Borden, and Alex Borden. These folks have busted their humps when required and often gone way beyond expectations. In the short term we are going to miss their presence. In the long term we will hurt because each of these folks brought skills beyond those of office. Because of them we have the new skeet and trap fields, the new berms on the R&P range, and countless hours and equipment provided on the volunteer days and projects.

3. Iíd also like to say thanks for two folks that have stepped in to fill the breech on an as required basis: Russ Wallis and Tim Sylvester.

4. New month, New year, old message. We need volunteers to keep the club operational on a weekly basis. That means we need bartenders. Iíll be sitting with Chic Lake to organize a night for another TIPS class for the required training. Be advised that this Saturday January 5th there is no coverage at this time. Funny, everybody wants to shoot skeet league on Sunday and practice on Saturday but no one wants to help out. Thereís a real GFY for you.

5. The field captain, Tony Santos , will shortly be requiring your help. The trap house on field 1 is empty of targets the combined house on field 3 is running low. Stand by with pickup trucks and strong backs because the phones will be aringing.

6. Shoots Leagues and Events. The New Year rang in with the Bloody Mary Shoot and Matt Joe took all our money, with a few others taking dribs and drabs. The shoot also posted the Pot Luck holiday event and that was a nice low key feed. The trap league is barely hanging on and Iíd like to encourage trap shooters to attend. There is a skeet league this Sunday January 6th. There is a rumor as to what the chef will be wearing. Iím hoping it will be something allowable on you tube.

7. I guess thatís it. A few rumors are persisting. I keep hearing about a desire for a game dinner, but all I know is that Bill and Tony go into the woods together for days at a time. I kept hearing that the deer at EWRG were gone, be damned if there arenít more tracks in the snow than you can shake a stick at.

8. Oh, yeah, as John Valenti handed me the fire chiefís check last night he mentioned that the chief said we were not allowed to block the driveway as we did last night. In the future, when there is a shoot, meeting or event I am going to ask those of you with 4 wheel drive to park in the field if the lot is full. Thank you for your attention, please proceed to exits at the rear of the aircraft

Jim Heim


1. Here we are on Pearl Harbor Day wondering where all the time went since parents, aunts and uncles were called on to serve in the defense of our country. The same could be said about the past two years of my presidency. Each board meeting, each project, each shoot seemed like a long time in coming and they are gone in a blink. So, as my term in office grinds to a halt let me step off to item 2.

2. Elections will take place on January 2nd at the annual meeting. Many offices are coming to the end of term and there may be vacancies if you do not take part by stepping up to fill the offices and continue to support your club. It behooves you to vote for those candidates who will work to keep the club thriving. It is not a popularity contest to be treated lightly. Anyone who has read the shooting publications should be aware of the attrition to the smaller gun clubs. It is a lot of work to keep the clubs going so your vote should be towards those that will most ably work for you. If I can borrow from the cant of the day, ďIf you donít vote, you get the government you deserve.Ē

3. All right, despite the balmy temperatures we are hunkering down for winter. I can tell by the number of shoots weíve had in both the Trap and Skeet leagues. Acorns, and fatter squirrels mean nothing to me. The participants in trap are down somewhat and the skeet numbers have picked up. My long suffering wife has said ďOne, just one league per monthĒ, so I need a trap shooter step up and take my place.

4. Speaking of skeet leagues, most of you know that we have a hearty dinner at each event. Well, we had some new chefs this past week and they were all of the female persuasion. I donít want to spread rumors out of hand but I know there was a damn sight more smiling as folks wandered in and out of the kitchen Sunday morning. Before I say thanks to Sue, Lisa and Joyce, let me just say something about desert. ďWomen know everything about chocolate.Ē Many thanks, ladies.

5. One of the events of the year was a natural force called Sandy. All in all RI and EWRG fared pretty well. We did take one hit and that was the high section of the fence on field 4. A couple of concerns have been raised by the rifle/ pistol shooters, so when our field captain, Tony Santos, asks you for assistance in putting up the great wall, please stand to.

6. Perhaps as a byproduct of Sandy it appears that NG is paying attention to us regarding the damage done by Irene the previous year. They have sent in their contracted arborists to further clear the trail to our power lines so stand by for more on that.

Thatís all folks!

Jim Heim


1. Once again it has been awhile since Iíve given you an update on the club. Hey, Iíve only got so much to say, your ears are only so big, and there were a lot of stripers for Jeff and I to catch this year. That being said, hereís what is going on.

2. Sonia has once again put on a hunter safety course for the club. Per usual it was well attended and the addition of Ronnie Branco bringing his hunting dogs to the class was well received. Again, per usual, the class was over booked but there were slots left empty from no shows. Members, if these are acquaintances of yours that did not show up, feel free to pass along that those no shows will be at the back of next yearís bus.

3. The summer skeet league had a slight uptick in attendees and once again we had a great feed at the end of it. Thanks to the chefs, the participants and a blazingly hot summer for a good time.

4. More league information is that EWRG has kicked off both the Winter Trap and Skeet Leagues. I know that there were a lot of new shooters added to the trap league but I donít know the numbers. The skeet league had 70 plus shooters for its first event. Thatís a marked increase so things are moving along with new shooters there, too.

5. Letís talk about new shooters for a moment. We get entrenched in shooting with our friends and close competitors. We do have a new crop of members in all areas of the sport. It behooves each of you to take a step back from your compadres and take a new shooter under your wing. It is good for the new shooter because they get the benefit of your knowledge. It is good for you because you get the benefit of a potential new friend. It is good for the club because you assure that you are passing along some of the good shooting habits and etiquette that sustains the safety of the club.

6. Yipes, I almost forgot that Ric Probert closed out our registered skeet season with a 100 12 GA event. Another good shoot at EWRG. Wallum Lake was brought into the registered fold and theyíll be making a bid for what has traditionally been split between Warren and Narragansett.

7. OK, hereís what youíve been waiting for. We had our special meeting this evening to address the issues of capping the member ship , mandatory service to the club, and what type of enclosure , if any, should we have to provide sun protection over the deck. The results of that meeting are that for the foreseeable future member ship will not be capped and we will not have mandatory service to the club. We will, however, have a solid roof extension over the deck sometime in 2013. Iíd like to thank all the members who attended and were ready with their comments and viewpoints.

8. Having recapped the meeting let me say this. The demands on the club are high. The demands on the volunteers are high. You should know right now that I will be soliciting volunteers all the time. If we donít get a solid response the tasks will have to be contracted out and we will be faced with additional closures.

9. You should be aware that one of our 5 year capital projects has been kicked off with the purchase of hardware to begin updating the kitchen. New sinks have been purchased and weíve have made a slight modification to some of the cabinetry to accommodate the new 3 bay sink. Due to a lack of volunteers with the skill sets to do some of the required systems work, a portion of the improvement is out for bid. Please pardon the congestion in the main club house as equipment old and new is shuffled around. Thatís all folks!

Jim Heim


As always the purpose of this is to inform you of some of the events ongoing at EWRG.

1. It has been longer than I would like since Iíve written to you as your President. Needless to say a few things have happened some of them good, some of them not so good. Iíll start with those things that are less than stellar.

2. We have had our spring volunteerís day and although most of the tasks got done it was done at great pain and inconvenience to those that attended. To recap; what happened we had 12 volunteers, half of which came from the board of directors and 2 walk- ins that Alex dragooned into service. So, in effect we had less than 1% of the membership providing service to the many. I find that unacceptable and it will be the subject of a general meeting in the near future.

3. It was brought to my attention that once again we have some shooters in the rifle pistol range shooting at plates with rifles at the 25 and 50 yard line. From the holes in the plates, it begs the question that armor piercing ammunition might be being used. That is a violation of club rules and Iím informed RI state law. In an attempt to deter this behavior weíll be randomly reviewing the TV feeds from the range. As this threatens the very existence of the club I am taking the stand that the violators will be expelled from the club without recourse. Iíd like to believe that members are not behaving this way and our property is pretty porous. With that in mind Iím asking each shooter to secure the gate after shooting. If that doesnít happen weíll have to consider electronic gates which will be a significant hit to our treasuries.

4. In a similar vein to the above, we have found hulls of once fired high brass hunting loads with shot larger than those allowed on the skeet and trap fields. Each shooter is reminded that they should be cognizant of the shot being used on the fields by themselves and their partners. Again a violation of these rules is grounds for expulsion.

5. Some good notes are that we had a successful 4X50 registered shoot earlier in the spring. This was a new shoot and format for the club. The shoot was well received and was a stepping off point for Wallum Lakeís first registered skeet shoot. EWRG was well represented at Wallum Lake and it is another shoot for RISSA. Wallum Lake has stepped up and has added another shoot for the fall so I encourage all shooters to attend.

6. Fund raising for RISSA includes a raffle for a 28 GA semi-automatic. A unique feature of the raffle is that half the profit goes to support the Wounded Warrior Program. I can only see this as a win- win raffle.

7. Fund raising at EWRG has been in the form of couple of dinners one of which reintroduced clam boils to the club. Russ and Chic performed their usual magic with a minimum of muss and fuss. It was a good time for those who attended, the President notwithstanding.

8. Another positive is the capital project of adding a deck to the clubhouse. Leo Jodoin and his gang were the perpetrators. The project was accelerated due to weather so the first day of volunteering was light in attendance; supported by 4 people and an equal number of hernias. The second day was well attended and the deck largely completed. Rails and steps took another couple of days.

9. We are in the middle of that time of year where getting people to come forward and take weekend days at both the clubhouse and rifle/pistol range gets difficult. If you have any question about either being staffed on a weekend day I suggest you call the club.

Jim Heim


1. OK, weíve had a less than harsh winter and with one exception the leagues have gone on despite the threat of old man winter. (I kinda see Chic Lake as the model here. You know, old but benovlent.) Anyway, weíve had a bit of spring in the air and it is time to start thinking about work around the club. Weíre going to kick off the work season with the start of the delayed deck on the North side of the clubhouse. Currently we are planning to start within a month and we are awaiting the use of an auger courtesy of Matt and Chris Borden. Leo Jodoin is going direct us on this and heíll be looking for a few people with some skills to bend nails. In addition weíll want a bunch of people lift and tote. If you have the skills and time sign up at the clubhouse or see Leo and me.

2. Yes, we are going to have volunteer days again in 2012. One in the spring to wake us up, and another in the fall to put the club to sleep for the winter. One of the key things that will be addressed will be a property clean up. We have a lot of debris that appears out of nowhere and it is more than an issue of appearance. Some of the stuff becomes hazardous for walking. climbing over and so on. Another thing in a similar light is the path ways to the skeet and trap fields. The edging needs to be improved and will require many shovels to spread loam and seed. So, you have the idea, start thinking up improvement tasks and be ready to turn to in either April or May.

3. The club calendar is beginning to fill up with requests for days here and there. We are already scheduled for a new registered 2 gun skeet shoot in May. The boy scouts will coming in for an event hosted by Chris Bianco. If you have any requests please get them in early so you are not disappointed.

4. Youíll note that as you come in the club house there are some large bags, I mean really large, that are part of a project introduced by Brett Keighley. The purpose of these bags is to collect spent hulls. Whatís it all about? Well, welcome to the continued world of recycling, folks. We have already transitioned from throwing away our glass and plastic within the clubhouse. Now we are going outside with it. We also get something more than a warm and fuzzy feeling about Mother Nature. In return for these efforts we get synthetic benches and gun racks processed out of the hulls. There will be a barrel on the skeet fields and on the trap fields to collect hulls. If youíre not going to use the hulls donít throw em on the ground, toss them in the barrels, rake a field occasionally and throw them in the barrels. Itís a must do thing and no one is exempt. I know most of you are closet tree huggers anyway.

5. Sure, once in a while you have to say thanks to the membership for all the things they do that save us money from not having to hire people. Point in case is that we just got a load of targets in. This is no easy task to get done and yet the trailer truck was emptied and put away in near record time. Yeah, we had the usual hiccups, truck was late, fork lift wouldnít start, and the usual amount of whining. But hereís the big deal, we had 45 people on hand to lift that barge and tote that bale. It busts my chops that I didnít keep a list of contributors to say thanks, but consider it said. I had to convince the field captain that he didnít have to kiss everyone on the lips about it, but that was one happy man at the end of the day.

6. Long live the new heater in the rifle pistol house for those of you that enjoy a little rifle pistol action. It took all day and we had to turn away a few shooters but it also took 3 men and a boy to lift the new unit in place. Kinda irksome that Iím the boy. Anyway, thanks to Ken Duckworth, Russ and Chic for the heavy lifting.

Jim Heim


1. Well, the year has passed and it is time to take stock again about what weíve done and where we are going. For things that have happened in a positive vein by introducing volunteer day we have taken care of a lot of maintenance that we would have had to pay for otherwise. A lot of camaraderie was engendered as well and I can say for myself there are a lot more faces to the names I have read on the membership rolls. We had some very well attended fundraisers and we closed the year with a great Christmas pot luck supper. There were some negative things as well and Iím somewhat dismayed that a lot centered around safety and a bit of civil disobedience regarding the club rules. That will be part of the focus of the upcoming year.

2. Yup, 2012 is definitely here. I can tell because it is that time when we start playing catch up with all the clay shooting at the club. Weíve already had a skeet shoot, a trap and our annual meeting crammed into the first two weeks of the year. Before the month is over weíll have two more trap shoots and one more skeet shoot. Thatís a lot of work for the volunteer cadre and as always Iím looking for assistance to get these things done.

3. As I mentioned, we had our annual meeting earlier this month and naturally it happened on one of the coldest days of the season to date. We had approximately 60 attendees and a lot of ground was covered in an hour and a quarter. A moment of silence was given in remembrance of those that have gone on before us, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the annual reports presented. In addition three funding requests were presented to, and approved by the membership. Items approved include funds for a kitchen renovation, an outside financial audit, and a ďNo Blue SkyĒ hood on the pistol house. If possible it is important that you attend these meetings for no other reason than your voices get heard in an open forum and the questions you ask now may be what your neighbor is thinking about. Elections were held as well and there was a little movement on the board. John Valenti has been succeeded by Ken Duckworth to ride herd on the rifle pistol house and John has become a director at large filling the seat left open by Nobby Morrison.

4. As busy as January is we already have a busy day planned for February. The Field Captain, Tony Santos, has asked me to send out a request for help on February 19th to unload a tractor trailer truckload of targets. Many hands and a few pick- up trucks make light the work, so mark your calendars. Be advised, once the targets arrive there will be not trap or skeet shooting until the houses and container are filled.

5. For those of us that enjoy a little rifle pistol action Iím sure you are aware of the fact that the heater in the pistol house has headed off to heater heaven. Yes, it will be replaced, and hopefully this project will be completed this coming Friday. Please be advised that the range will be closed Friday as the installation goes forward.

6. Another one of those stupid things that happen at EWRG occasionally has happened again. Even after everyone knows the burn pile is for club use only a bunch of wood was left there this past week. In addition the dumpster was filled half way with contractor refuse. This is a service the club has to pay for and anyone who wants to dump there should be willing to pay the pickup fee for the week. A bag here and there is tolerable, but give it a rest, folks.

Jim Heim


1. Here we are with just about another year under our belts. Sure, itís Christmas time and it is that time of year where we collectively learn once again that is better to give than to receive. One of our more worthy Christmas causes this year was to the Wounded Warrior Program. Though it is impossible to deny that these folks are men and women of our armed forces Iím at that point in my life where I see them all as our kids. Next year as we approach Christmas again Iíd like each of you to do the same and contribute to our kids that go in harmís way.

2. As the year closes and a new one opens up we immediately start the year with our annual General Meeting where new officers are elected to the board and older ones retire. I urge each of you to attend, take place in the voting, and if you really want to serve the club run for office. Personally, Iím of the opinion that if you donít serve or volunteer in one form or fashion or another you really forfeit your bitching rights.

3. The General meeting is where we as board members ask for funding for those tasks that exceed the authorized funding level of the board. As you have seen in your annual letter we have several tasks that will tax the club accounts. These include funds for an audit, a no blue sky addition to the rifle pistol house, and funding to revamp the kitchen. These tasks are the result of a 5 year planning process that was reinitiated this year. This process will begin again in June so if there is something at the club you think should be addressed speak to your respective captains and board members.

4. We have had a several club shoots between the trap and skeet fields and have consumed a great many of our clays. Our field captain, Tony Santos, will soon be asking for help to load targets into the houses and shortly after that request help for our next trailer load of targets. Itís an easy way to support your club so please do so when the call is made.

5. Speaking of the annual letter, that is the one notice you get per year that your club dues are to be paid by the end of January. It is a given that they are due then and have been for almost forever. Not paying your dues will require that you reapply for membership. Just about all the excuses under the sun have been heard already so youíre going to have to be pretty inventive to be granted an exception.

6. Once again requests have been made that the club support various youth shoots at the club. Usually these take place in the February/March time frame. Volunteers are always needed so I suggest you speak to Tony Santos and/or Chris Bianco as we get deeper into the season.

Jim Heim


1. Well, we had our second volunteer day of 2011. In terms of outcome it was another success. Tasks completed include painting of the pistol house, cleaning and loading targets into the skeet and trap houses, touching up the primed areas of the trap houses, removing, sanding, and staining of the clubhouse base boards, as well as the endless chore of weed whacking. When you next see Tom Padwa, Brad Olson, John Valenti, Chic Lake, Leo Jodoin, Noy Phommaxaysy, Fred Murphy, John Dyson, Jeff Peters, Bill Renchan, Aaron Lawrence, Jason Lawrence, Ken Barrieault, Russ Wallis, Marc Tetrault, Bill Lapointe, Wheat Kelly, Al Wilson, Pete Manchester, Tony Falco Jeff Guilbert, and Brett Keighley and myself, give em your thanks, I know they have mine. There was also a UFO by the name of Colin Keighley whose stunts with a leaf blower were truly acrobatic. Anyone Iíve forgotten has my apologies.

2. Well, we had our second volunteer day of 2011 and in terms of turn out it was truly disastrous. Less than 5% of the club participated! As you sit and make light of that consider what that means. We are continuously calling upon the same people to do the work of many. To alleviate that I am going to request of the board that we contract out to complete a few tasks IE painting the protective fence on low 4, and grading the field where the water line came in, and mowing the fields. Sure, thatís lost income, but it is also a drain on resources. Folks that could have been pursuing other ends were tied up doing the same old same old. In short by not participating you are allowing potential improvement to degrade. Could scheduling be better, sure, but there is always a shoot, always a ride, always a party to consider. Do your part or lose your right to complain.

3. Something that did not begin to get addressed was the build of the planned clubhouse deck. There always hoops to be jumped through before you can get a building permit. Folks that do the sanding, painting, etc. are the same folks that tend bar, are the same folks that have to jump through the hoops. Weíre halfway through the hoops and the cold weather will be the next show stopper.

4. A positive note is that the winter skeet league kicked off this weekend and was well attended. There were about 65 attendees and some of the usual suspects, Russ and Chic, prepared a great meal served by Web and Rich. Between the bar and targets another $500 plus of funding was raised. Despite the fact that I teased Kari about dragging Father Mike into the dark side of competitive shooting I believe he won his class. Obviously the power of prayer at work.

5. Two shooting events are coming up this weekend, I believe. The first winter trap league conducted by Brett Keighley and friends, and Rhode Islandís last registered shoot of the year, The Rhode Island Invitational. Itís a 12 Gauge event and Rick Probert tells me that costumes are preferrd attire. So, hereís the scoop about competitive shooting for the new folks, itís the best way to learn quickly. Join the winter leagues, support your sport, have some fun and learn the dangers of being thin skinned. Heckling seems to be part of the game.

6. The same crew that brought you last weekís skeet dinner will be serving a surf and turf again this Saturday. Yeah, Russ, Chic, and their servers are being whipped into shape by Tim Sylvester to do another sold out event. Somebody has to teach Tim to cook! Give them a hand serving if you can.

7. Tim is continuing his fund raising efforts with a Turkey Shoot planned for November 19th. Come have some fun with lucky targets and laugh in the face of fortune.

8. For all members, you should know that EWRG is a no hunting area, yet it seems our property is being trespassed and poached upon. If you see someone on our property please let the board know. Further, if it is a member known to you I really want to know that.

9. Yíknow, EWRG has a pretty good board of directors. Marc Tetrault is the VP, Chris Bianco is our Membership Secretary, and our treasurers are Chris Bianco, Matt Joe, and Alex Borden. Tony Santos has responsibility for the trap and skeet fields, John Valenti rides herd on the rifle/ pistol folks, Sonia Frias keep our records, Chic Lake is the keeper of all the secrets around the club. Leo Jodoin, Russ Wallis, Jeff Branco, Chris Borden and Nobby Morrison round out our directors at large. You get the theme here, the same names all the time! You want to help out, start by thanking them for all the visible stuff and not so visible stuff they do. Think you can do better, well elections are coming up, step up and pitch in. Me, I just listen to your comments and bask in the glory of being president.

Jim Heim


1. I havenít written to you as of late because the summer always stresses the availability of volunteers to man the facility. It becomes obvious to me that operations, which equals cash to implement change, is king. Without our volunteers to open the facility, collect fees, and maintain the property all we have is a piece of depreciating property. Our volunteers become stressed and are prone to burn out because the numbers are so low. Each time you come to shoot at EWRG it behooves you to treat this core group with the respect they deserve. If they are bartending tip them generously, we are the cheapest game in town. Further, it makes you a stakeholder to join and support this group.

2. Once again, courtesy of Tim Sylvester and his crew, we had a very successful surf and turf dinner. Attendees had a good time and added close to $1,000.00 to the club coffers. This is timely as we become aware that our main refrigerator is on itís way to appliance heaven.

3. Over the last few board meetings I have brought to the attention of the board of directors that we appear to be a club with a systemic problem of abiding by the rules. Examples of this include: people going down range after the opening of the skeet/trap fields, shooting the pistol range plates with high caliber rifles, not signing in prior to shooting, not loading skeet and trap machines, using shot larger than that authorized by the club, driving down to the rifle pistol house, etc. To me this is indicative of behavior of members in bad standing. To curb this behavior I have charged each BOD member and captain to enforce the rules as we know them. Further, as members of a club I charge each of you to do the same. I treat the continuing sucessful operation of EWRG very seriously and expect you to do the same.

4. On an upbeat note it has been requested and approved by the BOD that we will welcome the Boy Scouts to use our rifle/pistol range in support of their objective to hone their marksmanship and safety skills for next yearís competition. John Valenti will be in charge of this effort and can give you the details. Likewise, Chris Bianco has asked for and received approval by the BOD to conduct clay shooting workshops for the Boy Scouts in their pursuit of merit badges, safety and marksmanship.

5. We survived a hurricane and a tropical storm this year that affected all of us. You all know the club was without power for about a week, as were many of our members. Our pulse was weak and it resulted in our throwing away a lot of the food stuffs stored in the kitchen. Well, we are back up and running, but our power systems have been challenged. In an effort to minimize future inconvenience National Grid has marked out a new path for bringing lines on to the property. This will involve installing new poles in the field adjacent to the driveway. Hopefully this will minimize future tree falls on the lines.

6. You might see a lot of new faces over this week. Sonia Frias is conducting the Annual Hunter Safety course at the club house. Please be patient, be supportive and welcoming to these folks. Hopefully weíll snare a new member or two and Sonia reports nightly sales of snacks to the hungry.

7. Lastly, we are drawing close to the time of year where we button up for the winter. Just as we did in the spring we are going to have another volunteer day at the club. At the request of some of the members who work on Saturdays I have received permission from the BOD to have Sunday the 16th of October, set aside for this event. The club will be closed that day to pursue such tasks as: repainting the exterior of the R/P house, painting the trap houses, painting the field 4 target wall, moving and tuning traps and so on. Yes, the weeds will need to be whacked down again, and as always there will be a cleanup of the property. Iím hoping we can get the lower fields mown and the upper field raked in anticipation of seeding. If there is some task that you want to see done please see your respective captains and board members. While all help is appreciated it would be nice to see some new faces.


1. This is the time of year where everyone is becoming busy. Registered shoots are ongoing, trap has taken off and the R/P folks are attending matches at other clubs. Volunteers are pretty thin on the ground to open the range and to open the fields. RSO and field calendars are posted at the club. If you have the time, and qualifications, take a day. Because of the pressures on volunteers it would be to your benefit to call the club before heading over to ensure it is open.

2. We just had another feed at the club, a chicken and pig roast that netted over $400.00 to the hungry coffers of the club. Our Thanks go to Tim and Leo and all the attendees and helpers that made this happen. Word is that the food was excellent so keep tuned for future events.

3. It is apparent that folks are not embracing the fact that it is your club. Although there was a happy crew that did a lot of work around the facility back in April, operations are an ongoing way of life. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up. You see a full trash barrel empty it. If you shoot until the machines are emptied, fill them. If you have shot the paint off the plates be courteous to the next person and paint them. To do otherwise identifies you as a user, not a member. Volunteers cannot be expected to carry the club alone.

4. The 5 year planning process will be closing at the end of July. Reviewing past plans provided to me by Jeff Guilbert I am assured me that this process is worth pursuing. Almost all the items previously planned for have been achieved. Without a plan it just wonít happen. If you have some project that youíd like to see get done and wish to pursue it see a board member and kick off an idea.

5. With the increasing membership and the turnover of existing members we have pushed capabilities of the member card systems. Along with that, technology is leaving us behind and the cards that we currently use are no longer supported by the producer. So as to not impact the membership and future enrollment I have directed that an alternative source of cards be found. Cards have been procured along with updated readers that should sustain us for a few more years. When the changeover begins, as cardholders, you will get notices of when your current cards will no longer be effective and new ones can be procured at the clubhouse. Keep your eyes open for the post card and to the club web site for updates.


1. First and foremost this past Saturday, April 30th, was our first bi annual volunteers day at EWRG for 2011. As you walk around the facility youíll see we are considerably spruced up. A synopsis of tasks include: repair of the R/P berms, clean up of the property, painting and bleaching of the club house, painting of the skeet houses, mowing and weed whacking all the fields, cleaning brush, raking the lower fields, having one hell of bonfire and enjoying a meal together. Iíd like to extend my thanks to all of those that took part in these efforts. A list of participants is listed below.

Antonitis,Greg/ Baker,Ralph/ Borden,Matt/ Borden,Chris/ Borden,Alex/ Burnett,Joe/ Cabral,Sue/ Cabral,Bob/ Cabral,Steve/ Cabral,Steve's daughter/ Corey,Scott/ Dyson,John/ Foley,John/ Frias,Sonia/ Frias,Rick/ Gardiner,Dave/ Gordon,Rich/ Heim,Jim/ Jodoin,Leo/ Joe,Matt/ Keighley,Brett/ Keighley,Kari/ Keighley,Colin/ Kelley,Wheat/ Lake,Chic/ Lapointe,Phil/ Manchester,Pete/ Marren,Pete/ Moniz,Austin/ Morrison,Nobby/ Niekerk,Peter/ Overwood,Steve/ Peniston,Chris/ Peters,Jeff/ Raposa,Rob/ Santos,Tony/ Shatrenko,Sergei/ Smitty/ Sousa,Chris/ Tetrault,Marc/ Theroux,Bob/ Valente,John/ Wadja,Dennis/ Wallis,Russ

My apologies to anyone whose name that I did not capture or spell correctly.

2. Many of you have come to me over the past few months with your wish lists of things youíd like to see accomplished at the club. Part of that has been accomplished through the efforts above. However, to proceed further I am requesting the board of directors to come back to me at the second BOD meeting of May with their initial inputs for a 5 year plan. From the 5 year plan tasks will be prioritized into an annual plan for objectives to be completed each year. Many of these tasks will be capital tasks requiring significant resources. Each task should have the following component: Description, objective, required skill sets, and a rough order of magnitude of cost.

3. The summer is always the time of year where we have trouble keeping the facility open due to volunteerís other commitments. To date this has not been too much of an issue but be advised it would be a good idea to call ahead on the weekends to be sure the club is open. Per usual, Iíll be calling folks do their time.


1. A lot of you have asked, ďwhat can I do to help the club?Ē Now is your chance. On Saturday April 30th the club will be closed for spring volunteerís day. From 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM you can help by bringing your paint rollers, paint brushes, brush cutters, pruners, step ladders, etc to help. An abbreviated list of tasks includes: Painting and staining the club house, a top to bottom cleaning of the interior of the club house, policing all trash across the ranges, and outlying property, build ramps for the storage containers, repairing and painting the fences on the fields, painting the trap houses, repairing all the targets on the rifle pistol range, painting all the plates, reinforcing the berms if time and weather permits and so on. A formal task list will be posted on the bulletin board and a sign up book will be left at the bar. A simple meal of burgers and dogs will be provided.

2. At the last board meeting the board of directorís reviewed the issues at hand and has opted to let the freeze on membership expire. In short, EWRG is once again taking applications for membership.

3. The board has received a request to hold a skeet shoot at the request of the Federated Sportsman. This is a three club event with EWRG hosting on August 20th. Tiverton will be holding the trap event and another club will sponsor a rifle/pistol shoot. Notices will be posted as the venue gets further defined. All members are urged to participate and support other clubs.

4. Youíll have noticed that where the city water was brought in to the club house that the parking lot has begun to settle. This was expected and yes it will be addressed later in the summer when it is determined that there is no further settling.

5. Iíd like to reiterate that the field captain has requested that all trap and skeet machines be topped off after you have finished shooting. Donít make the task any harder than it needs to for the next shooter by letting the machines run dry.


1. You have probably all noticed that the parking lot has been torn up over the last few weeks. This is the result of linking the club to town city water services. The well that provided water to EWRG was failing and city service was approved by the membership at the general meeting.

2. Those of you that read the postings of the NRA and Skeet Review are more than aware of the fragility of the small gun clubs. The common thread to most closures is the viability of the volunteer base that supports the club. In an effort to engage the membership in volunteering I have proposed to the board that two volunteer days take place; one in the spring and another in the fall. I have requested from each captain, rifle/pistol, field, and house a list of improvements from their respective areas. A few immediate tasks are: painting the club house, making repairs to the trap houses, improving the berms, etc. Dates and sign up sheets will be posted shortly.

3. In an agenda to the Board of Directors I gave them the message that ďWe are they.Ē By that I mean that each member of the club is responsible for the club. It is our club and it is up to each of us to maintain and improve it. If you see something wrong or undone donít wait for ďtheyĒ to fix it, do it. Litter on the ground, pick it up. Trash barrels full, empty them. Plates unpainted, paint them. Floor dirty in the club house, sweep it. Doing each of these tasks prevents us from having to hire paid caretakers.

4. It is my opinion that planning is central to success in any organization. In an effort to ensure the ongoing success of EWRG I have asked the board of directors to reinitiate the process of 5 year and annual planning. See your respective captains and board members to become part of it.

5. The field captain has asked that we emulate other clubs in the area regarding the trap machines. In short, if you can shoot targets you can load the machines. Take part in topping off the machines every few rounds so the next shooter is not starting with an empty machine.